Triathlon nutrition and training diet

Need some diet tips? Here are some pointers on what to eat in the build up to the triathlon and on the day itself.


Race day nutrition
Have a large, carbohydrate based meal the night before. Don’t eat anything to unusual, now isn’t the time to introduce your body to food it isn’t used to digesting. Keep it simple and focus on getting enough energy for the race. Ideally avoid alcohol, drink plenty of water instead.

Morning of the race
The key to race-day nutrition is finding the balance between being too full and being too hungry. This will vary from person to person, so as a general rule try to eat a good meal three hours before the race, followed by additional snacking on high energy foods such as nuts or bananas if you’re still hungry. This isn’t essential, however, as nerves are not uncommon and can impact appetite. If you are struggling to eat then keeping an isotonic drink to hand is a good alternative.

During the race
You might not need anything during the race, but if you’re worried about energy levels keeping an isotonic drink or an energy gel with your bike can give you a mid-race boost. Anything extra you do bring should ideally be consumed at the half-way mark or towards the end of the cycling leg.

After the race
Time to celebrate! Whilst alcohol isn’t discouraged remember to not get too carried away and to recover with plenty of food, water and electrolytes!