Training tips – Your triathlon training plan

Want to know how to train for a triathlon? Our training plan will make sure you’re in great shape on race-day!


Mastering the Swim
As swimming is often the most daunting part of a triathlon (even for the professionals), making sure you’re comfortable covering the necessary distance should be an important part of your training regime. Given that accessing open water isn’t necessarily an option for everyone, we’ve designed as a series of short, pool-based sessions to fit around a busy work schedule that will help you develop the necessary aerobic and anaerobic tools to compete.

Session 1: Aerobic endurance

Warm up

> 100m swim
> 50m kick
> 100m swim
> 50m pull

Main set (sustainable race pace effort)

> 250m swim (30 sec rest)
> 200m swim (25 sec rest)
> 150m swim (20 sec rest)
> 100m swim (15 sec rest)
> 50m swim (10 sec rest)
> 2 x 25m swim – (5 sec rest)

Warm down

> 50m drill (finger drag)
> 50m swim
> 50m drill (doggy paddle)
> 50m swim

Session 2: Sprint

Warm Up

> 100m swim
> 8×25 swim – 5/10 sec rest after each 25
> 100m swim

Main set

> 4 x 25m fast (10sec rest after each rep)
> 2 x 100m steady (20 sec rest)
> 3 x 75m steady (15 sec rest)
> 6 x 50m steady (10 sec rest)
> 200m recovery

Mastering the bike
Whilst it can be helpful to train for the cycling leg of a triathlon outside, exercise bikes provide a convenient alternative for those struggling to find the time or space to get out on to the roads. Here are a couple of training plans designed to get you comfortable on the bike before race-day.

Interval Session

> 9 mins warm up, building pace every 3mins

Main set:

> 3 mins steady – comfortable but hard pace
> 1 min harder – max sustainable pace
> 3 mins easy
> Repeat 3 – 5 times
> Warm down (5 mins)

Longer aerobic session

> 15 mins warm up

Main set

> 10 mins comfortable, 5 mins over gear
> Pedal at a cadence of 60, for strength as if going uphill
> 6 mins comfortable, 3 mins over gear
> 4 mins comfortable, 2 mins over gear
> 15 mins build pace every 5 mins
> Warm down

Mastering the Run
Whilst road running is definitely a great way to prep for a triathlon, it can lead to injuries and if you’re stuck in the city may not be feasible. With that in mind, we’ve designed a couple of treadmill-based sessions, ideal for a lunchbreak, to get you ready for that all important final leg!

Tempo Run Session

>Warm up: 10 mins

Main set:

> 5 mins at comfortable pace – 75%
> 5 – 10 mins at steady pace – 75% – 85%
> 5 mins at best sustainable pace
> Warm down

Interval Session

> Warm up: 10 – 15 mins

Main set

> 3 mins at pace you think you can hold for your race distance
> 2 mins easy jog recovery
> Repeat 3 – 5 times depending on fitness
> Warm down: 5 mins easy