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No, but you can always play them over again through the story mode by talking to the toad. Although the section in the menu where you can find Mario 3D World is labeled “extra themes,” plural, and there’s a big empty space right next to it, there doesn’t seem to be a hidden final theme inside Mario Maker 2 at this time. That’ll likely be DLC. (And I hope it’s Super Mario Bros. 2, since that would really change the game in a way that even Mario 3D World does not.) This game is one of the most annoying things I have ever ran into for playing local multiplayer – there is no way for a second person to just jump in and play. Can you guys get online with your Switches? Or are you looking exclusively for games that support local wireless play? The insurgent can as well… Being the most balanced of all of our armored cars listed, this baby has bullet resistant windows, and it can take an explosive, and still have a chance to escape. I love my XLS armored. It’s supposed to be the best racing SUV too, even including the unarmored one (in Broughy’s video he actually brought that up as being unusual). Schafter is generally the best because of the speed but you might the others too for looks. Plus the baller is very good off-road. XLS probably is too but I’ve never tried it off-road (XLS is faster than the baller on the streets at least) The jerk with the glitched weaponized Tampa that took no damage from my buddy and I’s Vigilantes seems to be in the running. Stromberg buzzard and most Jets are a good offense a vehicle vs broomsticks