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Nitro – W or Up arrow key Hop on another car – A D or Left Right arrow keys (While on the roof) Park your vehicle without losing all your health. Brake – Space key Drive – Arrow keys Throttle – up arrowBrake – down arrowLean backward forward – left right arrow Hand Brake: Space Bar Buy new cars or upgrade your car in the garage. Upgrade the engine, armor, breaks and more! Try the new endless mode, and survive as long as possible in the arena, and set a new high score! Race, avoid, crash and defeat your opponents to become the ultimate Demolition Derby Crash Racing champion. Get on the roof – S or Down arrow key Drive – WASD keys WASD or Arrows – moveSpace – nitroX – fire rockets Drive – WASD Nitro – LShift Jump – Spacebar Change camera – F Drive – WASD Nitro – LShift Jump – Spacebar Change camera – F The better you perform, the more lucrative achievements you get. And with every win, you get a chance to top the leaderboard to be the most decorated player. On top of all, the game also offers a good collection of colorful themes to let you add some personal touch into the mix. Netflix has confirmed that its hugely successful League of Legends television adaptation, Arcane, has been picked up for a second season. Continue stacking blocks up, line after line, as you work to clear out all the blocks together or against an opponent. Then groove along to a series of catchy jazz, trance, electronica, and dance songs. It’s all about playing with others, though you can play alone if you’d prefer. But once you add other players into the mix, you really begin to understand why Tetris Effect: Connection may be the best version of the bunch.