Pre-Event Registration

Can I still enter the Event?

Yes, we still have a limited number of some of the races. Places are selling fast, so enter quick to avoid  missing out.


Can I enter multiple events on the day?

Yes, you can enter more than one event at the event. Please note that you will need an entry for each of the events and you will need to wear the correct race number assigned to your entry on the day. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to participate in two races, and that these are not planned to take place at the same time.

Can I enter an Individual Event and as part of a relay team?

Yes, you can enter as part of a relay team in addition to an individual entry. It is important that you are registered within your individual event category and as part of your relay team.

If your waves clash, then you can request to move to a different wave within the wave schedule subject to the capacity of the wave. Please see section “Can I change my wave?” for more information on how to change your wave.

Why have I been assigned to this wave?

Individual waves have been assigned based on the age of the participant as of the point that they entered, not the age of the participant on event day. If you cannot participate in your assigned wave, then you are able to move to a different wave within the wave timetable (subject to space within the wave). For information on how to request a wave change then please see section below.

Can I change my wave?

Yes, subject to space, wave changes will be allowed until Friday 14th June. To request a wave change, then please contact us at

You can change your wave time, subject to space, but if you do then you won’t be eligible for prizes. Please also note changes are not allowed on the day.

Can I get a refund on my entry?

As your entry fee goes directly to our charity partner, we do not offer refunds for this event. If you are unable to participate in the event and we wish to gain a refund on your entry fee, then you will need to transfer your entry to a new individual and arrange transfer of the fee between your directly. The new individual must be registered to the event by 14th June 2024; you can transfer your entry to someone else via your ‘Active My Event Portal’ which is linked from your registration email.

Can I defer my entry to next year?

Unfortunately, we do not offer deferrals to 2025’s event. Your entry is valid for 2024 only and cannot be transferred over to 2025’s event.

Do I need a BTF Race Pass:

As with any triathlon event governed by the British Triathlon Federation, membership is mandatory. Competitors who are not already a member must purchase a one-day membership at a cost of £8 to take part in the event. This will need to be done online before the event and by Tuesday, June 18 at 5.30pm.

If you have not purchased a BTF race pass during registration, then please follow these steps:

  1. Log into My Events web page here.
  2. Select “purchase merchandise”
  3. Select the amount of race passes you wish to purchase and click “continue” to checkout to

confirm your race pass purchase.

A BTF Race Pass is required to participate in this event.

What is a Green Athlete?

A green Athlete is our eco-friendly option, where you are opting out of a finisher medal. Those who have selected this option will be provided with a green wristband on event day when they collect there pack, and will not collect a medal at the finish line. For relays, either their entire team is or is not a Green Athlete team (i.e. not just individuals within the team).

Registration Changes & Waivers

For more details on how to change your registrations & to sign your waiver, please visit the Registration Guide:

Corporate Tent

Can I purchase a corporate tent?

All Corporate Tent Packages have now been allocated.

Can I brand our corporate tent?

Yes, you can brand your corporate however you wish. All we ask is that you are considerate of the others when branding


Can I bring supplies to my tent?

Yes, you can drive to your tent and drop off supplies for your tent. Please note that all vehicles will need to be offsite from 7:30 and you will not be able to bring vehicles onsite after this time.

After this time, the access route becomes part of the racecourse, therefore cars will have to park in the designated car parking areas, and anything brought onto the site will have to be carried down from there (an 800m walk).

There is no storage to accept deliveries in the days leading up to the event. Please note that outside of office hours the main and inner gates are closed at Dorney Lake and are not manned, so you won’t be able to gain access outside of working hours.

Can I bring my own tent or gazebo?

Unfortunately, due to limited space we do not allow tents or gazebos to be brought onto the site. Any tents or gazebos that are put up on site will be removed.

Event Day Registration

When do I need to arrive?

Please arrive 1 hour and a half before the start of your race. We will be notifying you of your exact arrival time closer to the event.

What do I need to bring on the day?

  • ID for registration
  • Phone with QR code for registration
  • Bike – there will be a service for bike repairs in the main village
  • Helmet – these are compulsory and must be worn on the day
  • Tri suit (if wearing)
  • Wet suit (if wearing)
  • 1 bag that can be left in transition – we recommend this to contain a change of clothes, mobile phone and small amount of money
  • 2 x water bottles (pre-filled with drink) – you will be able to re-fill them in the event village so look out for the water tanks. Please try and avoid single-use plastic bottles!
  • Sun cream and hat
  • Goggles if swimming

This includes, but is not limited to, mobile telephones (which should be switched off if stored in transition), personal stereos and MP3 players.”

Where do I need to go when I arrive?

When you arrive, you will need to visit the registration tent to collect your race pack. Registration for the triathlon, duathlon and relays is in the registration tent at the end of the mound. This is the first tent you come across when you walk from the car park towards the boat house; it is about half way down the lake, and is approximately a 5-minute walk from the start line.

Registration for the Property Swim is at the far end of the lake (the opposite end from the boat house).

At both registration points you will pick up your registration pack containing:

  • Your race number (2 numbers if you are in the relay)
  • 2 x race stickers (1 for your helmet and 1 for your bike)
  • swim cap*, and
  • timing chip if you are in the individual triathlon, relay (swimmer only) or swim only event**

* You must wear the swim cap provided as the colour denotes your start wave.

** Your timing chip should be on your left ankle for the whole of the race unless you are in the duathlon in which case your chip is already applied to your bib. Relay runners will be passing the chip from person to person at the changeovers.

Do I need a wetsuit?

The wearing of wetsuits in triathlon is governed by British Triathlon rules and is totally dependent on water temperature (and sometimes air temperature) one hour before the start of the event.

Water Temperature Wetsuit Rule
Less than 14 degrees Wetsuits are COMPULSORY
14-22 degrees Wetsuits are OPTIONAL
22+ Wetsuits are BANNED


Wetsuits assist with buoyancy and warmth, so we strongly recommend that you wear one if they are optional. We will keep you updated with water temperature as we get closer to the event, with final confirmation provided on the day of the event. If in any doubt that the temperature will be warm enough, please bring a wetsuit along to the event. The final decision will be made by the Technical Official on race day.


When can I enter Transition?

You will be allowed into transition 1 hour before the start of your race. We will notify you of your exact transition time, closer to the event.

Please ensure that all your belongings are removed from your racking space immediately after your race. This is to ensure they can be re-used for future waves.

Where do I stand if Im doing the bike or run of the relay

Stand by where your bike is racked. You will not be able to start your leg until your previous team member has reached the racking spot. Your timing chip will need to be exchanged over to the next team member before you can continue with the next leg in the relay.

Can I wear headphones during the event?

At triathlon events, British Triathlon Rule Number 8.1 states that “Any equipment that acts as an impediment to hearing or concentration is prohibited from use during an event (including transition).

How do I remove my items from transition?

The sticker on your bike & helmet will match a wristband given to you in your registration pack. These must correlate to one another in order to remove your bike from transition; do not remove your wristband before you have removed your bike. Please listen out for announcements and instructions on removing your bike.

Event Village

Where is the best place to watch?

The event village side of the finish line, or along the mound of the run course.

Spectators will be unable to access much of the bike course other than that which passes the event village area. The grass area from the registration tent towards the event village offers views of all three triathlon disciplines.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, it is a dog friendly venue, but please be reminded that it must be on a lead and that you are responsible for it at all times.

Bag Drop

Due to the number of people taking part there is not a bag drop facility at this event. Baggage drop will only be available for those doing the Property Swim at 8am. If you dropped a bag off at this bag drop you will be able to collect it from upstairs in the Boat House after finishing your swim, and will be given two bagdrop wristbands (one for you to wear, and one for you to put on your bag) which will match one another.

We strongly recommend that those not taking part in the Property Swim leave bags with your relatives / friends or in your car. We advise however that you have on your person clothing for after the race, a mobile phone and a little money.

Will there by changing facilities on the day?

Yes, changing and showering facilities for all competitors are available in the Boat House. For those taking part in the Property Swim changing facilities are available at the top end of the lake near the swim registration.

How do I find out my time/results?

You will be sent a text message with your finish time after you cross the finish line and results are available live from

Please wait at least 30 minutes for your results to be published. If your results haven’t been published after this time, then please contact our timing provider via the email

How do I get to Dorney Lake?

By Road

  • Exit at Junction 7 follow slip road to roundabout
  • Turn left onto A4 towards Maidenhead
  • After traffic lights turn left at roundabout onto B3026, signposted for Dorney and Eton
  • On sharp left-hand bend, turn right, signposted Dorney Reach
  • After 400m enter Dorney Lake, Eton College Rowing Centre through large white double gates
  • Follow perimeter road to left of lake and following sign posts to the car park

By Train

  • Main stations for Dorney Lake are Slough and Windsor & Eton Riverside.
  • It is also near Burnham, Taplow and Maidenhead stations.

Car Parking

  • Car parking will be clearly signposted.
  • The swim car park is next to the swim registration at the far end of the lake closest to the entrance to Dorney
  • The main car park is half-way down the side of the lake in a large grass area

Please note, car parking has a maximum limit and it is not possible to park on roads nearby. We strongly advise that you arrange to car share with your colleagues who are attending the event.

On Foot or Bike

  • Use the main entrance off Marsh Lane/Court Lane.
  • Access is not permitted via the cycle/footpath entrance at the back of the Boat House from the river (and google maps may direct you this way). This entrance is locked, and it a further 35 minute walk from this location to get to the main entrance.

Event Partners

How can I hire a wetsuit?

Wetsuits can be hired from our partner Tri Wetsuit Hire from this link here

Please note that the deadline to reserve a wetsuit is Thursday 20th June 2024.

How can I hire a bike?

Bike hire can be arranged with our partner On Your Bike for collection on the day here

Please note that the deadline to hire a bike is the Friday 21st June 2024.

How do I purchase my Event Photos

Our event photography partner AWOL Adventure will be there on the day taking snaps of all participants.

You can get ALL of your official digital event photos for just £15* when you purchase a pre-event photo bundle from our official photography partner AWOL. *(Post-event photo bundle price is £30)

This exclusive offer end Midnight June 27th 2024, so visit the AWOL event page here to pre-order now